A virtual memorial to honour our remarkable friend and colleague.

On Sunday 21 March 2021 on Zoom, members of Haringey Welcome joined together with many friends and relatives of Majed Hassan (or, as we knew him, Sharif Barko) to pay tribute to and celebrate his extraordinary life, and to honour the principles and causes he lived – and sadly died – for. It was at times a harrowing but also a beautiful event, which demonstrated just how deeply he was loved and respected.

You can read a selection of tributes from the Zoom ‘chat’ below, and watch the memorial on the video link. The video includes fascinating and moving insights into Sharif’s life. During the event a touching documentary film featuring Sharif, Darfur House (2005), was screened.

A memorial website has been created too, with some beautiful writing and pictures (it also includes links to the film and virtual memorial). It contains details of a fundraiser for the care of Sharif’s surviving baby daughter Eptihal, who is now being looked after by her extended family in Darfur. Donation details are here.

Despite his experiences with war, terrors and detention, he remained optimistic about the returns and rebuilding Darfur


“Sharif is a big loss to all of us. Until now we are unable to believe it. He will never be forgotten”


“Working with Sharif was wonderful. He was a joyful man whose smile just made life better”


“So glad you managed to do this film. His daughter will appreciate it so much one day. Thank you!”



“I have wonderful memories of Sharif, Aziz and Jane arriving in my back garden with injera and a fish. In no time they fixed a sun/rain shelter and we ate together”


“He was with us when he got the news that his wife and two young children had been murdered in a raid. He was, of course devastated, but he remained dignified and somehow managed to cope with that terrible tragedy”


“I saw the house at the museum that Sharif and his friends built and they were so proud. Sharif was such a good person”


“He was never a person to succumb to bitterness… Such an inspiration… you will never be forgotten Sharif”


“My favourite story of his was how on his trips to town by camel to sell mangoes, he would catch mice on the way and make them into kebabs”